10 best neutral sofas under or about 1000 euro

An experienced stylist will tell you that it’s right to pick a good base first when putting together a closet. This is usually fairly neutral casual clothing that does not pursue lightning trends but looks good, comfortable, and can go well with many things.

Already after building a wardrobe base, one starts to choose accent pieces. They have an exciting shape, trendy colors, or details. The main idea is that the base pieces can serve for a long time, but the accents can be changed more often.

There is a similar situation with the interior. Quality basic furniture, such as a sofa, can be easily styled to almost any mood. A good neutral sofa is a blank canvas for a functional and cozy interior that you can modify as much as you want.

Among the most famous and proven mid-range furniture stores, I chose 10 models of 3 seater sofas under or about 1000 Euro, which can be an excellent base for building almost any interior. When choosing sofas, I was guided more by shape than color. While the selection turned out to be in gray and beige colors, almost every model on the list has several color options. But since we are talking about a neutral base, it is a light gray and light beige that I find most appropriate.

1. Rosslyn (425 euro, Made.com)

2. Landskrona (499 euro, IKEA)

3. Santina (775 euro, Made.com)

4. Hotan (750 euro, Home24.de)

5. Miro (825 euro, Made.com)

6. Harlow (975 euro, Made.com)

7. Astha (999 euro, Sofacompany)

8. Henry (999 euro, Sofacompany)

9. Nocelle (1.095 euro, Made.com)

10. Fluente (1.099 euro, Westwing)