As you can see from my blog, I prefer a neutral palette to all the bright colors, with a strong emphasis on white, beige, and black. However, even in a neutral world, there are days when a particular color captures my attention completely.

That’s how an electric blue has taken over my gray-beige soul lately. Although, I’m not the only one who has been captivated by this vivid shade. Big and small interior brands have begun to incorporate electric blue more and more into their collections.

It is a very vivid and distinctive color, which can fit perfectly in different types of neutral interiors. It works well with white and black, and the light-colored shades of wood on its background look incredibly vibrant. Just one blue pouf and a blue vase of attractive shape can effortlessly bring a completely new mood to the interior, creating the feeling of freshness so beloved by everyone. That’s why I made a selection of small decor and furniture, which can bring some change to a neutral interior.

So let the summer be bright!

1. Verso Table vase (ferm Living)

2. Shorebird (Normann Copenhagen)

3. Little blue by Linnea Anderson (The Poster Club)

4. Kastehelmi Votive tealight candle holder (Iittala)

5. Aalto Vase Finlandia (Iittala)

6. Hand painted plate (Arket)

7. Folk Pouf (

8. Untitled Plaid (&Tradition)

9. Riihitie Plant Pot B (artek)

10. Chair J46 (FDB Møbler)

11. Cylinder vase (Arket)

12. Velvet cushion cover (Westwing)

13. Triangle table lamp (HKliving)

14. Patterned cotton cushion cover (H&M Home)

15. Plant Box (ferm Living)

Picture sources:, My Scandinavian home, the design files, ferm Living 

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