This is my own bedroom design project, but I’ve decided to use it as an example to show how the project works and what the steps are. This is the second post. In the first one, I talked about what we weren’t happy with in our bedroom and what solutions I came up with.

As soon as I made a visualization for our bedroom we began to put it into life.

Disclaimer: This post is not an advertisement, we bought all the items listed in the post ourselves.

The first thing we ordered was a bed. Due to delivery problems (thanks to the lockdowns), we canceled our order after 3 months of waiting. We chose another bed from another store. The one I originally wanted but was scared of the high price. It’s funny that it took such a long wait and shipping issues to choose what was originally in my mind.

The new bed is not gray as planned, but greige. It is made of light wood, and the sides and headboard are upholstered in linen. The bed is from Urbanara, where also all the bedding is from. I really like the quality and selection of their bedding.

I chose the paint for the wall behind the bed beforehand, but I ordered it after I checked it with the color of the headboard. We painted the wall with Farrow & Ball Cornforth White. It’s a stunning shade of light gray with a slight beige undertone.

We found linen blackout curtains at Jotex. Of course, they do not give a total blackout, but we have already tried them in the dawn sun, and we liked them. Like the rest of the apartment, the bedroom faces east, and we wanted to get the direct morning rays out of the room. These curtains do a great job of that.

The night light is the Night owl by Fritz Hansen. It creates a beautiful and not very bright evening light. I decided not to install additional light for reading because I read mainly in the Kindle, and it has a backlighting function.

The accent pillows are from Ferm Living and Marimekko. I love that they contrast not only in size but also in fabric and the size of the print.

Pots for plants were found at

I painted the pictures above the headboard myself on primed cardboard. The frames were found at I was especially pleased with the selection of wooden frames and the large selection of sizes.

For visualizations in my designs I try not to choose random furniture and decor from the Internet, but I try as much as possible to show the actual objects that I know where to buy. Because of this bedroom turned out almost as in the visualization. If something of what has been planned is impossible to order (as in our case with the bed), I always try on replacements and new options in the visualization. For myself, I have already learned that it’s better to spend a little more on pre-work than to regret a useless thing.

I really like the way our bedroom turned out. It’s still pretty neutral in color, but it looks much more exciting and vibrant than the version before the remodel. There are contrasts, interesting textures, and materials in the room. Because of the large amount of light beige, the room looks warm, and the gray wall only emphasizes this feeling.

One thing I haven’t had time to order yet is a rug. And I don’t know if I want to add it now. I really like the way the room looks now. The cold floor in the morning is not a problem because my feet land in my slippers right away.

Separately, I want to say something about the pictures above the headboard – their place was not chosen by accident. By selecting a location for paintings or decorations, I wanted to make a beautiful and complete bed area, as this is the part of the bedroom visible from the living room. Now the living room and bedroom visually match each other. That is exactly the effect I was going for.

What insights have I learned for myself from this project?

If you like my vision of a cozy and nice-looking interior and want to make your home more pleasant with my help, you can book one of my interior services. I will be happy to help you create the home of your dreams.

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