Inspired by color: muted blue & terracotta red

It’s no secret that you can get inspiration from absolutely anywhere. Some people get inspiration for new ideas by looking at pictures on Pinterest, and some people like to look through magazines and books. I love all that too, but apart from pictures, a simple walk around town can be a significant source of inspiration for me (for example, when I go out to get something for lunch in a new place and take a wrong turn on the way). Sometimes, I find such interesting combinations of colors and ornaments during these walks that I immediately want to try to put them into an interior.

Some combinations become the foundation for my projects and consultations, and some remain just photos on the phone. I have decided to fix this situation and start turning the color combinations I have seen into interior design selections. Maybe it will help someone to find inspiration for their home, and someone will decide to walk and look around more 🙂

I saw this apartment building entrance when I went out for coffee on one sunny morning and decided to take a little walk around my neighborhood. I liked the warm shade of red, how it blended with the beige and blue wall, and how interesting the brass trim on the bottom of the door combined with the other colors. I immediately had an idea for a neutral modern interior with bright red and muted blue accents.

For the sake of interest, I tried to make a complete selection of furniture and decor based on the assortment of one online store. I imagined myself as a person who wants to decorate his living room but does not want to waste time looking for options on different websites and wants, if possible, to buy everything at once and in one place. Who knows, maybe someone takes this approach to interior (or any other) shopping.

This time I chose (this is not an ad, they don’t pay me) because I honestly like this online store, and I often offer furniture and decor items from there to my clients.