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I love autumn, and I love the feeling of coziness that the season brings with it. I love autumn walks in the woods and drinking hot tea afterward. I love the change of colors and even the weather. But the shorter days always give me a hard time. I usually don’t want to accept the fact that the sunset is coming earlier and earlier every day. And at the end of September, the night is officially becoming longer than the day!

Of course, you can solve this with tickets to countries where there is still a lot of sunlight, but it’s only for a short time. Meanwhile, making your home cozier and brighter can help you get through the darkest period of the year more pleasantly.

So today, I want to bring up the topic of lighting and tell you about lamps that are often underestimated.

It’s a portable lamp. It is often a small lamp that can be charged with a cable and has enough power to run for several hours. It has many usage scenarios and can be irreplaceable in the dark season. I want to share five ways to use a portable lamp that I have found and like to use myself, as well as 12 models that will fit in many interiors. 

Dining table lighting
I don’t know about you, but in my apartment, the wires for the pendant light above the table are not where I decided to put the table. Lamp wire locations are determined when the design is still in progress, and the architect relies on standard furniture placement. However, in the end, apartments are inhabited by people with particular needs and ideas about comfort.

So it is not surprising that not all the furniture in our homes stands as it was shown in the architects’ drawings. And dining tables are not always where they’re supposed to be. Some people are lucky (like me), and the wire outlet is not too far away. But sometimes it’s not like that, and the dining room table has no light source. Of course, you can turn on all the lights in the room when you have dinner, but you have to admit that this is not the same vibe.

This is the situation where a portable lamp can help. Even if you have enough light above the dining table, a portable light can come in handy. Its soft glow creates an intimate and unique atmosphere, turning an ordinary dinner into something more beautiful. By the way, this technique is often used by restaurants, although they do not have any problems with the lighting setting. It’s just the little portable lights on the tables that help create a more private atmosphere.

Alternative to Candles
Candles are one of the basics of Danish Hygge. They soften the harsh ceiling light, add coziness, and help you get through the dark and cold seasons more comfortably. But they have a significant disadvantage. If you like burning candles as much as I do, then you know how important it is to air the room constantly and how quickly candles burn out. And organic, safe candles also cost a lot of money. So here, too, a portable lamp can take on some of the duties of setting up the atmosphere. Moreover, you can light it for a very long time. The main thing is not to forget to charge it occasionally.

There is nothing much to add. A small lamp with a soft light can be a good night light or a bedside lamp, both in children’s rooms and adult bedrooms. You can take it with you to bed, or you can leave it on the floor for just a little bit of light.

Bath Light
The bathroom is always brightly lit, whether with the ceiling light or the light above the mirror. It is a multifunctional room where it is essential to have good lighting. However, one would like to bathe in the more muted light. Many people grab candles right away, but as I wrote above, candles require a lot of fresh air, and many modern bathrooms don’t have windows. I like to put a portable light next to the mirror and turn off all the other lights while taking a bath. It makes for a pleasant and soothing spa ritual.

Extra light for the workplace
It’s worth saying that this point isn’t about all portable lights. But only about portable spotlights. Their main difference is that they give a directed and bright beam of light, which is ideal for those who use the dining table as a desk and do not have enough light from the Pendant lamp. A spotlight can stand right on your desk, and when you’re done, it’s easy to put it away along with your computer, and the desk quickly becomes a dining table again.

Surely there are other, more specific scenarios for using portable lamps. I told you about the ones I use myself in the fall and winter. And here is the promised selection of lamps of different shapes, sizes, and colors. I tried to choose models under 200 euros. With various discounts and sales, you can buy them sometimes even cheaper.

1. Flowepot VP9 (&Tradition)

2. PC (HAY)

3. Ambar (Kave Home)

4. Carrie (Menu)

5. Como SC53 (&Tradition)

6. Ridley (Kave Home)

7. JWDA (Menu)

8. Bicoca (marset)

9. Pantop portable (Ventan)

10. Meridian (ferm Living)

11. Pao (HAY)

12. Spotlight (Zara Home)

Picture sources: kave home, connox.de ferm Living

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